AIRDROP: October 2, 2018


Award-winning developer of tabletop augmented reality hardware and software Lampix announces the company’s upcoming airdrop campaign of its PIX tokens.  The utility coins are used in the company’s proprietary, crowd-sourced marketplace for labeled image data sets (image & description) for all computer vision, virtual & augmented reality and machine learning projects.  

The airdrop campaign celebrates the one year anniversary since Lampix launched its initial coin offering (ICO).  From the start, the company’s ICO was structured with a 30% reserve, and of that amount, 10% was earmarked for four annual commemorative airdrops.  The PIX token is currently available to purchase on Bit-Z, BigONE and IDEX among others listed on the company website.  

The PIX snapshot/cutoff will be 2 October at 1700 GMT.

Additional announcements will be made on our official PIX telegram channel.  



How do I receive the Airdrop tokens?

To receive the PIX airdrop you must already hold PIX tokens before the snapshot date of 2 October at 1700 GMT. There are no forms to fill out, simply hold PIX before the snapshot date.If you hold PIX on an exchange, the amount will be distributed to the account on that exchange. Please be advised, we cannot speak on the behalf of any exchange as to their policies regarding how they handle account airdrops and withdrawals.

Do I need to have ETH in my wallet to receive the Airdrop?

No, you do not need ETH. Only PIX is required.

Where can I buy PIX to be a part of the Airdrop?

You can purchase PIX from any of the exchanges listed here.

What wallets support PIX tokens?

PIX is an ERC20 token meaning that any wallet that supports adding Ethereum ERC20 tokens can be used. Please check prior to sending that your wallet does indeed support PIX.

We recommend MyEtherwallet

If a wallet requires to add it as a custom token:

Paste the ICO address:


Token Symbol: PIX

Decimals: 0

Hardware wallets that support ERC20 tokens like Trezor and Ledger Nano use myetherwallet as an interface and can be used as well.

When will I receive the tokens?

The airdrop will occur simultaneously with the snapshot so you will receive your tokens after the  2 October  1700 GMT cutoff time.

How many tokens will be distributed?

19,714,646 will be distributed proportionally to PIX token holders over 4 airdrops of 4,928,661 each. All in, 30% of the max supply (657,154,880) was reserved and 10% of that reserve will be distributed via 4 annual airdrops to existing token holders.

How can I check if I received the tokens?

After the airdrop is distributed, you can check https://etherscan.io/ for confirmation by looking up your Ethereum address and checking your token balances. You should also see confirmation of the transaction under the ERC20 Token Txns tab.

Where can I get more information and updates about future airdrops and bounties?

Please visit our Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.