Pix ecosystem

Computer Vision enables myriad applications, both in and out of the Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality arenas. For emerging digital technologies, Computer Vision is rapidly becoming vital across industries and for consumer applications. The growing need for machines to understand the world in front of them requires large datasets of imagery so that algorithms, such as Deep Neural Networks, can be trained in 3D image recognition.

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The Problem

Quality computer vision relies heavily on quality datasets for training and testing algorithms. 

Today there are few available datasets for 3D imagery, and none that are unified for this common purpose. Without a standardized process to request and share data from a community or user base. The problem isn't the cost of these data, but their very existence, since the existing data were largely created for a specific purpose. Furthermore, given how general the limited available data is, this issue is encountered by all who seek to unify data for a specific user requirement for a specific user or manufacturer.

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The Solution

  • PIX token creates a monetary value in datasets, and by creating the PIX currency we can express the value of modern computer vision data.
  • As datasets grow and expand their intrinsic value will grow, often in the form of a particular business request from an individual organization.
  • Users of the datasets will be able to vote to score the quality of data while simultaneously allow users to incentive further training specific to their needs.
  • Decentralizing the database via blockchain ensures that these data will be publicly available forever from the moment it is first mined.