Read the overview of the PIX Ecosystem for a better understanding of how we are pushing Computer Vision and Machine Learning forward with our revolutionary blockchain based image mining network for Augmented Reality and other systems.


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What are PIX?

PIX is the symbol for the PIX utility token. PIX are an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.


What does PIX do?

PIX is the first blockchain-based image mining network for augmented reality and computer vision systems. The growing decentralized database of imagery and descriptions is desined to work for training algorithms for classification, detection and segmentation of imagery for machine learning applications.


What makes PIX a utility token?

Utility tokens provide users with a means of exchange for future access to a product or service. In the case of PIX the service is image data for computer vision, also you can currently purchase the Lampix Developers Edition with PIX.


Who uses PIX?

The PIX database it useful for any Augmented Reality or Computer Vision application. PIX are used by companies who source computer vision training data image as well as miners who earn PIX by capturing, tagging and qualify (vote on) images.


Where can I purchase PIX?

PIX can be purchased at of these fine exchanges.


How is the content distributed?

Content is distributed through decentralized storage using the IPFS network, while data hashes are stored in the blockchain.


When will the PIX exosystem launch?

The PIX Ecosystem is currently in a closed beta release, with a full beta release anticipated later this Summer, followed quickly by the full release later this year.